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immediate impact of a catastrophic event
the devastating Japan Tohoku Earthquake of March 11 led to a series of events, each in and of itself a significant… read more here
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the promise of end-to-end visibility
insights into big data - a podcast with Richard Sharpe
visibility across the supply chain is about more than transportation optimization. It can help reduce risks, promote… read more here

nearshoring latin america: a closer look
the rising price of oil, driven by dwindling supply and mounting demand from China and India, will kill globalization… read more here

competitive insights in the news
“Getting Everyone on the Same Page”
new software aims to bring the data generated by multiple systems—TMS, WMS, ERP, and the like—into a unified database…read more here

  what CI.RADAaR™ offers

allows your company to have:

  • supply chain end-to-end visibility
  • efficient use of big data
  • precise performance management & tracking information
  • risk analysis
  • predictive analytics
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