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on big data ::
what’s the big deal about Big Data?

Diageo, Easton-Bell Sports and Competitive Insights spoke on Big Data at the CSCMP Global Conference last month … watch the introduction video here

on supply chain risk ::
logistics aid still needed in Sandy’s wake

the list of transportation and logistics services needed in the wake of Hurricane Sandy is long and changing and not likely to get shorter … read more here

on cloud computing ::
so far, so good :: Fortune 50 CIOs seem happy with cloud computing

Many organizations are still in the early stages of their cloud computing journeys, and the reports are: so far, so good. Read more here

on manufacturing ::
on disclosing ‘conflict minerals’

regulation is part of an overall “social responsibility” push from various lobbying groups in the U.S. that aims to increase transparency … read more here

  updates on CI

Supply Chain Risk Identification Structure published in CSCMP Hot Topics

CSCMP, in conjunction with Competitive Insights, LLC, has been researching sources of supply chain risk and potential ways to mitigate those risks. Through this research, the Supply Chain Risk Identification Structure (SCRIS) was developed to provide a reference model for identifying, mitigating, and measuring significant supply chain operating risks :: for a free copy, please request here

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January 11, 2013 in New Orleans

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