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on integrated business planning ::
maximizing your S&OP – IBP profit contributions

how do I get the maximum value out of S&OP and IBP activities that will continue to positively impact the bottom line?

on big data ::
why only 15% of the Fortune 500 uses big data analytics to look beyond the 'Known-Knowns'?

process of gathering and rationalizing defense intelligence, is not a million miles away from managing business intelligence (BI) and discovering Big Data insights

on supply chain risk ::
the financial risk lurking in your supply chain

when a brittle supply chain snaps, customers don’t get their products, companies lose revenue, brands are sullied, and the company suffers

on advanced analytics ::
data driven’Moneyball; for CFOs: the importance of putting analytics on the roster

relying on traditional tactics to guide your organization’s financial health? It might be time to change up your game plan…

  what CI offers

Competitive Insights is a Software as a Service (SaaS) company that provides detailed and insightful IBP solutions to its customers using advanced analytics for:

Complexity Reduction
Customer Segmentation
Product Segmentation
Specific, Precise and Detailed Profitability

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Competitive Insights teaches a session on Enterprise Profit Analytics
as a part of the
Georgia Institute of Technology's
Scheller School of Business
Supply Chain Leader Development Program

Date/Time: September 14-17;
October 19-22, 2015
Location: Atlanta, GA, USA

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