News: Competitive Insights Talks about the Holy Grail of Future Business

Exploring how supply chains are evolving to a predictive operating model that delivers true advantage

Competitive Insights Press Release Data Science Supply Chain

Atlanta, GA, February 2, 2016 – Competitive Insights, LLC, a Software-as-a-Service company providing Integrated Business Planning solutions that offer accurate and specific profit insights, today announced that Richard Sharpe, CEO of Competitive Insights, is featured in DHL Supply Chain’s latest global white paper, “The Predictive Enterprise: Where Data Science Meets Supply Chain”.

The white paper discusses the rich content of supply chain data and how proactive companies are beginning to use a progressive series of analytics on this data to completely transform their enterprises. It explores the tools and strategies necessary to take companies from a descriptive supply chain to a re-imagined predictive enterprise. The paper reveals that investments in new forms of analytics deliver substantial competitive advantage.

Lisa Harrington, President of lharrington group LLC and author of the white paper, said,

“Harnessing the true power of data driven insight is the holy grail of future business. A wealth of this data comes from the supply chain. But, while the information is there, companies are not yet capitalizing on its real value as a source of insight capable of shaping the future of the enterprise.”

Richard Sharpe commented,

“We are very proud to be included in DHL’s white paper. It reflects Competitive Insight’s dedication to helping companies gain the most value from advanced analytics. The value is measured through sustainable increases in profit performance for their enterprise.”

Read the article to understand how most companies are sitting on a goldmine of untapped supply chain data that has the ability to give organizations a competitive edge at DHL Supply Chain.

About Competitive Insights, LLC

Competitive Insights (CI) is defining a new frontier called Integrated Business Planning (IBP). CI’s offerings incorporate patented methodologies and technologies that transform large volumes of disparate transactional data (Big Data) into accurate and specific performance insights.  The insights start with providing visibility to product, customer and channel Net Landed Cost To Serve (NLCTS) and true Net Landed Profit (NLP) contributions. CI’s solutions provide actionable information by integrating a variety of functional analytics (Descriptive, Diagnostic, Predictive and Prescriptive) tailored to each customer’s set of priorities.  CI’s solutions empower customers to use IBP information to reduce costs, lower working capital requirements and to increase profit contributions by product customer and channel.  In addition, CI’s IBP information can also be used to measure and manage supply chain operating risks that have been prioritized based on their potential impact on operating profits.