Net Landed Profitability

smart growth by increasing revenue and decreasing net landed cost to serve

breaking down the silos

As companies are organized into areas of responsibilities, these functions have become organizational silos segregated by not only responsibility, but also by strategic goals.

  • operations and supply chain focus on cutting costs
  • sales focuses on increasing revenue
  • marketing has to increase customer satisfaction and build market share
  • finance focuses on increasing shareholder value

Everyone focuses on the Profit and Loss Statement (P&L) but targeted organization goals can be in conflict.

Profitability as the Common Thread

profitability as the common thread

Competitive Insights believes that profitability is the common thread and should be the overall focus for all functions.

In order to improve performance for any function, specific and actionable profitability information must be available.

Competitive Insights has the ability to provide timely profitability information for all aspects of the operation to serve an end customer down to the SKU-level using customer-tailored data governance process.