Inventory Reduction

builds on traditional inventory management measurements (e.g. turns) to help reduce working capital

Competitive Insights' solution

integrates the technology, methodology and expertise necessary to pinpoint Inventory Working Capital Reduction opportunities based on a combination of Average Inventory Value, Inventory Turns and SKU level profitability

identify profit opportunities

examines detailed Profit related Inventory data to identify SKUs and/or product groupings with highest opportunities to reduce working capital




utilizes user-selected “like” product comparison logic to avoid unrealistic recommendations

what-if analysis

provides for What-if scenario analyses that can be changed over time

Competitive Insights' analytics

standard elements of all solutions:

based on validated transactional data managed through rigorous data governance with customized rules

monitor performance period-over-period with trending and alerts while tracking ROI from changes in specific strategies

rapid, repeatable and efficient refresh process ensuring consistent data quality