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Competitive Insight's white papers provide valuable insight into the world of data governance, advanced analytics and solutions for realizing the true value from transactional data.

White Paper: Supply Chain Risk

white papers Supply Chain Risk Management considerations that can cause significant and long term impact on financial performance Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) is a key consideration to solutions that focus on profit. In today’s competitive environment, companies cannot afford to ignore the realities of significant supply chain operating risks. By following the White Paper’s […]

White Paper: Data Governance

white papers Data Governance: Garbage In – Garbage Out robust data governance program must be in place to support sustainable and successful analytics A lot of attention is being given to tackling big data and empowering the organization with meaningful analytics. All forms of business users are looking to gain the Holy Grail of insights […]

White Paper: Spreadsheets

white papers The Challenges of Using Spreadsheets for Intentional Solutions must consistently apply the agreed upon processing logic and be scalable to handle tremendous amounts of data Spreadsheets are used to analyze and answer some of the toughest business questions. Clearly, tremendous value has been delivered by empowering users to derive answers to basic as […]

White Paper: Amazon Effect

white papersTackling the Amazon Effect surviving with smart profit-based strategies Amazon is a disrupter of near-mythic proportions. Not just in retail, but in every business sector – from aerospace and defense to high tech and healthcare. Amazon has not just reinvented retail, it has reinvented customer service, product availability and pricing, and the requirements for […]

White Paper: Database of Record

white papers Additional Benefits: A Database of Record decisions based on intentional information can be made faster and with much greater confidenceIn addition to enabling companies to make fact based decisions on accurate and specific performance information, intentional solutions offer the ability to retrieve historical facts that are needed by the business to look at […]

White Paper: Realizing True Value From Transactional Data

white papers Realizing True Value From Transactional Data to support the generation and the protection of enterprise profitsThe traditional supply chain focus of having the right product at the right time at the right place at the lowest possible net landed cost will no longer be the primary mission for future supply chain operations. With […]

White Paper: CFO

white papers The Chief Financial Officer’s (CFO) Emerging Role from Realizing the True Value of Transactional Data Chief Finance Officer (CFO) is evolving from financial steward to corporate strategistWith the changes in the role, CFOs are challenged with addressing sources of disparate data, insightful analytics and gaining cross-functional consensus on actionable strategies. New innovative solutions […]

White Paper: Omni-Channel / Ecommerce

white papers The Economics of Omni-Channel Commerce Driving Profitable Performance driving sustainable profits requires gaining Omni-Channel performance insights based on precise and specific facts Consumer empowerment is dramatically changing the way that companies are marketing, selling and delivering their products as demonstrated by the statistics offered on the left. Retailers, distributors, suppliers and manufacturers are […]

White Paper: Business Intelligence

white papers The Handicap of Creating Intentional Solutions with Business Intelligence (BI) using BI tools to tackle EPI requirements is like placing a square peg in a round hole Building effective intentional solutions is an investment. Some companies are approaching this challenge by trying to utilize their current IT capabilities including Business Intelligence (BI) software […]

White Paper: CMO

white papers Actionable Insights that Empower the Chief Marketing Officer to become the “Chief Change Officer” The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) can now help breakdown organizational silos and build enhanced corporate strategies with their Executive counterparts. By leveraging precise profit insights period over period, the CMO can directly drive sustainable financial performance throughout the organization, […]

White Paper: Measuring 3PL Customer Performance

white papers 3PL Industry: Quantifying Customer Performance and Identifying Improvement Opportunities becoming the successful leaders in the 3PL marketThird Party Logistics (3PL) Service Providers, along with all other industries, are under constant pressure to become more competitive and to affect their bottom line by decreasing costs and increasing revenues. Additionally, 3PL Service Providers face growing […]