Supply Chain Risk Insights

mitigating supply chain disruptions to protect profits

at risk for supply chain disruptions

A growing concern for many companies is the risk of disruptions in today’s complex supply chains.

As globalization has stretched supply chains and lean operations have left little room for mistakes, supply chain disruptions have a growing impact on operations and ultimately profitability.

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80% of companies prioritize SCRM

of companies worldwide see better protection of supply chains as a priority

source: World Economic Forum, Accenture, 2013

Enterprise Profit Insights

part of Enterprise Profit Insights

Recognizing the challenge of gaining financial support for risk management programs, Competitive Insights has developed a revolutionary solution tying Supply Chain Risk with Enterprise Profit Insights (EPI).

Studying Supply Chain risk for nearly 10 years, Competitive Insights is able to help identify hidden risks, mitigate risks with minimal cost and monitor ongoing Return on Investment (ROI) of profit protected.

Competitive Insights' solution

integrates the technology, methodology and expertise necessary to identify potential high impact supply chain risks for mitigation strategy development and the subsequent monitoring of implemented changes


identify operating risks quantified by their impact on operating profit



creating precise strategies

details across the “end-to-end” supply chain regarding supply chain risks that can be pursued to develop internal and external mitigation strategies

minimizing impact on profit

monitor operating targets for reducing potential operating profit disruptions

Competitive Insights' analytics