Data Assurance

turning data from a liability to an asset

gaining value from big data

with millions of transactional data from multiple systems, it is a challenge to have all the data tied together to feed analytics.

  • data is missing

  • data is wrong (duplicates/contradicting)

  • different file formats

  • different data syntax

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47% of the time data is late

of the time data is late without data governance

source: Aberdeen Group, 2012

Indisputable Insights

organized for indisputable insights

Competitive Insights ensures the consistent processing of the native data from all of the transactional system sources.

Competitive Insights' solutions have a robust data assurance methodology, a critical requirement to the reliability of an effective analytical solution.

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personalized methodology

  • customized validation reporting for each data Subject Matter Expert

  • tailored data processing logic defined by each customer's operation



efficient processing

  • efficient cross-functional team participation

  • rapid and repeatable refresh process ensuring consistent quality and ongoing value

  • minimized IT capital requirements