customer stories

Case Study: Blue Ridge Area Food Bank

non-profit food distribution distributes food and other donated grocery items to nonprofit agencies in western and central Virginia business challenge to determine if their supply chain operation is strategically positioned to effectively and efficiently serve the future needs of Partner Agencies and Sponsored Programs

Case Study: Under Armour

sporting apparel($4 billion revenue) supplier of performance apparel – gear engineered to keep athletes cool, dry and light business challenge to gain greater detailed performance insights for profit improvement opportunities

Case Study: Auto Parts Distributor & Retailer

industry auto parts distributor and retailer ($2 billion revenue) business challenge to gain financial visibility into SKU performance from multiple operating and financial systems and identify opportunities to improve profitability

Case Study: ConAgra Foods

food processing($18 billion revenue) makes and sells packaged foods available in supermarkets, restaurants & food service business challenge to identify the more efficient network design in order to consolidate 14 separate networks

Case Study: Hershey Company

food processing($7 billion revenue) chocolate manufacturer business challenge to determine best product mix by production line and to support projected future growth

Case Study: Fresh Food Distribution

industry fresh food distributor ($2 billion revenue) business challenge to identify the primary factors that were driving costs to climb and margins to erode

Case Study: Monsanto

agribusiness ($15 billion revenue) producer of genetically engineered seed and herbicide business challenge to improve alignment among the brands by either increasing utilization of existing distribution capabilities or developing new go-to-market strategies

Case Study: Hospira

pharmaceuticals($5 billion revenue) provider of injectable drugs and infusion technologies business challenge to gain greater detailed performance insights into the operating network to determine if there is a better approach for servicing customers

Case Study: Darden Restaurants

food services($6 billion revenue) operating multi-brand casual dining restaurant chains business challenge to identify the best strategies for Resource Allocation to position people and money in order to enable the supply chain to most effectively respond to risk 

Case Study: Perdue Farms

Perdue Farms food processing($6 billion revenue) producers of chicken and turkey business challenge to align their product capabilities with their growing customer base and to determine the optimal configuration for their network as a whole

Case Study: Easton-Bell Sports

Easton-Bell Sports sports equipment ($900 million revenue) designer, developer and marketer of branded sports equipment, protective products and related accessories business challenge to increase corporate enterprise value and profitability by consolidating specific supply chain operations that would serve significant growth opportunities, including e-commerce

Case Study: Agricultural Chemical Manufacturing

industry agricultural chemical manufacturing ($2 billion revenue) business challenge to identify opportunities to balance customer service and supply chain and manufacturing operational costs

Case Study: Atlanta Community Food Bank

non-profit food distribution distributes food and other donated grocery items to nonprofit agencies in Metro Atlanta and North Georgia business challenge to align resources to do the most good

Case Study: United Agri Products

agricultural distributor($600 million revenue) distributes agricultural inputs and non-crop products in the United States & Canada business challenge to consolidate inventory locations, reduce inventory levels while increasing service levels to wholesale and retail customers