Case Study: Atlanta Community Food Bank

non-profit food distribution

distributes food and other donated grocery items to nonprofit agencies in Metro Atlanta and North Georgia

business challenge

to align resources to do the most good


efficiency analysis

descriptive • diagnostic analytics
supply chain • finance • "sales"

data governance • cross-functional agreement on detailed performance insights • tracking ongoing performance

  • visibility

    into details of total cost to provide food to agencies

  • insights

    into sourcing costs, warehouse operations, inventory and delivery transportation costs by agencies and counties

  • highlight

    areas of improvement operationally

  • donate

    to help their mission serving people in need

The results illustrated in this case study are specific to the particular situations, business models, data input, and computing environments described herein. Each Competitive Insights (CI) customer’s experience is unique based on business and technical variables and all statements must be considered non-typical. Actual savings, results, and performance characteristics will vary depending on individual customer configurations and conditions. CI does not guarantee or represent that every customer will achieve similar results.