Prescriptive Analytics

optimization for smart solutions and ongoing monitoring of results

not another optimization project

An optimization project can be a smart solution to find big opportunities improvements. It can be a large overhaul with:

  • finding a vendor or gathering resources to implement it internally

  • gathering the data from data silos, finding missing data and cleaning the millions of data records

  • consulting Subject Matter Experts across the company

  • reporting the results and convincing the stakeholders that the results are specific and accurate for implementation

  • continuing to report results from implementation for Return on Investment (ROI)

A lot of work

Seemless Process

seamless process

From the extensive data governance processing through to the ongoing monitoring of performance against the optimization results, Competitive Insight's methodology and technology makes optimizations projects more like a seamless process and allows for easy recurring optimizations studies. Profit Performance decision support analysis allows for fast insights into pricing, discounts, sourcing, transportation, inventory, etc.

other types of advanced analytics: