Cost to Serve

ongoing visibility to detailed costs across the end-to-end supply chain, referred to as Net Landed Cost to Serve

calculating cost to serve

Companies struggle to calculate some form of Cost to Serve and to calculate it with accuracy and recurring consistency.

Gartner Cost to Serve Table

source: Gartner     


While traditional accounting methods use some form of standard cost (procurement/purchasing cost), Net Landed Cost to Serve (NLCTS) uses transactional data created across the end-to-end supply chain for an accurate cost to serve measurement.

Supply Chain Network

Profitability as the Common Thread


Competitive Insights is able to provide this precision down to the SKU-level and the highest level of specificity for cost performance from procurement to the customer’s delivery location.

Beyond Activity Based Accounting (ABC) or traditional Cost to Serve calculations, Net Landed Cost to Serve (NLCTS) has multi-dimensional insights that is necessary for impact on the bottom line.


provides the cost foundation for calculating the Net Landed Profit for products and customers

Profitability as the Common Thread