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Difficulty with data, strategies and measuring performance

Do you …

  • search multiple data sources to find what you need?

  • have occasional disagreements regarding specific operational facts?

  • question the validity of the data being used?

  • have operating strategies without specific actionable steps?

  • have different performance objectives used across the organization?

  • find it difficult to precisely measure the results of specific actions?

  • struggle to quickly measure operational results in order to adjust strategies?

reduce costs and increase efficiency and profitable performance

Using Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), Competitive Insights efficiently and continuously transforms multiple sources of data into actionable operational insights.

With over 20 years of supply chain and analytics expertise, Competitive Insights creates solutions that are accurate, trusted, repeatable, agile and efficient.

Maximizing Profits

Protecting Profits

accurate and trusted

Competitive Insights uses transactional data from as many sources as needed to get to the insights that you need.
The Data Assurance solution includes:

  • Management and Tracking

  • Quality Assurance

  • Subject Matter Expert Review

  • Data Transformation

By accessing performance and analytical details, CI.RADAaR™ users are able to make decisions that contribute significant improvements that:

  • describe historical performance as well as offer “what if” capabilities for emerging business priorities like e-commerce

  • automatically alert users to performance issues that need immediate attention

  • easily navigate through “surgically extractable” performance details

  • offer “One Version of the Truth” reporting capabilities for Sales, Marketing, Finance and Operations

  • replace specific “heavy lifting” through automated data analytics based on data processing and governance rules specific for each customer

Insights to Significant Improvement


Data governance including
• Data integration
• Management & Tracking
• Data quality assurance
• Subject Matter Expert review
• Data Transformation



Cost reduction by
• Delivery cost
• Inventory cost
• Transportation cost
• Warehousing cost
• Sourcing cost
• Value Added Services cost
• Returns cost



Improve efficiency through
• SKU/Product
• Customer
• Channel
• Supplier


Enterprise Profit Insights

Profit growth using
• Net Landed Revenue
• Net Landed Cost to Serve


Supply Chain Risk Insights

Supply chain risk management by
• Risk identification
• Risk mitigation
• Risk monitoring