Category Insights

visibility of performance for ongoing planning and management

getting actionable insights

After the Data Governance step, multiple mountains of Big Data have been integrated into one mountain of validated data by Subject Matter Experts.

But you are still left with a mountain of data.

Now what?

One Source of the Truth

confidence in one source of accurate & specific insights

Competitive Insights is able to create one accurate source of data by re-purposing native transactional data from every relevant operating system through a well-established data governance process that can be updated weekly, monthly or quarterly.

Competitive Insights' solution

integrates the technology, methodology and expertise necessary to understand and manage specific:
  • SKUs or Product groups
  • Customers
  • Channels
  • Suppliers

diagnosing performance

using Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), visibility of Key Drivers of Performance variations allowing for root cause identification




manage KPIs on incentive plans, sales strategies, etc.

actionable details

provides information that can be used to create Product Scorecards and internal Benchmarking

Competitive Insights' analytics

standard elements of all solutions:

based on validated transactional data managed through rigorous data governance with customized rules

monitor performance period-over-period with trending and alerts while tracking ROI from changes in specific strategies

rapid, repeatable and efficient refresh process ensuring consistent data quality