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data preparation for undeniable actionable insights

tackling big data

The problem is that even with central repositories of information, it is often the case that Sales, Finance, Marketing and Operations (Supply Chain) trust and use “siloed” information which makes it difficult to have cross-functional analytics.

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getting to the insights

business users and IT representatives engaged in analytics spend most of their time on gathering and validating data and then make inaccurate business decisions

only 27% of time on analyzing data

of business users and IT's time was spent on the actual analysis

source: Unisphere Research, 2014

only 29% have highly accurate business decisions

have highly accurate business decisions

source: Aberdeen Group, 2012

accuracy for precise strategies to grow smartly

Competitive Insights uses transactional data to:

  • pinpoint "good" or "bad" financial performance

  • identify root cause of specific performance for improvement strategies

  • project future financial/profit performance for corrective strategies

  • ask the right questions for what-if scenarios

  • to understand impact of possible strategies

With many years of experience, the importance of having good data for advanced analytics is a trademark of Competitive Insights.

Competitive Insight's Data Governance process includes:

cross-functional inputs for tailored rules & systems

customized scope, data, logic and project goals

Subject Matter Expert validation of rules and reporting