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on big data ::
what is big data?

We all are being constantly exposed to articles, presentations and sales pitches that have a reference to “Big Data.” Is it hype, is it real? Read it here

on supply chain risk ::
three basic steps to building a resilient supply chain

The realities of supply chain disruptions have become top of mind for executives in every industry. Read more here

on cloud computing ::
predicting enterprise cloud computing growth

69% of enterprises who have separate budgets for cloud computing are predicting spending increases this year and into 2014. Read more here

on integrated business planning ::
transitioning From Sales & Operations Planning to Integrated Business Planning

white paper : why companies are evolving to Integrated Business Planning – and what they are gaining by doing so … read more here

  what's new with CI

DC Velocity is introducing a new blog written by Richard Sharpe, President of Competitive Insights (CI), an Atlanta-based Integrated Business Planning (IBP) solutions provider. Sharpe will write about the phenomena of “big data” and how it will shape decision making within supply chain management.

For full announcement, read it here

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Measuring Risk-Prevent Disruptions and Protect Profits
CSCMP Annual Global Conference
October 21, 2013 3:30-5:00pm

Our Panel will be focused on taking a more proactive position on managing potential risks of significant supply chain disruptions.

Speakers include:
  • Stan Aronow, Gartner
  • Doug Schoch, Siemens
  • Rick Jackson, Mast Global
  • Richard Sharpe, CI
More information here

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