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just like the song, there are 5 golden rings that offer real business value in applying analytics on large volumes of data …

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performance visibility ::
identity crisis in the C-suite: who owns profit?

“Forget about ‘Purchasing management’,” Taylor proclaimed. “Given what you do to optimize margins, your real business is ‘Profit maximization’.” …

multi-channel fulfillment ::
3 steps to establishing a profitable order fulfillment process

companies can no longer rely on a one-size-fits-all approach to order promising and fulfillment …

complexity reduction ::
big data: the latest rage in supply chain management

a supply chain is rich with data and has a large cost component, making advanced analytics a strategic weapon …

customer buying patterns ::
how can IBP help strategy execution?

a recent article in Harvard Business Review … revealed a number of common beliefs held by companies for tackling strategy execution are ‘just plain wrong’ …

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