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a convenient resource for current Integrated Business Planning (IBP) information

the problem is the data
with all of the talk about analytics and big data why are so many companies still struggling …

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Supply Chain Risk Management

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performance visibility ::
the predictive enterprise: where data science meets supply chain

most companies are sitting on a goldmine of untapped supply chain data that has the ability to give organizations a competitive edge …

multi-channel fulfillment ::
U.S. retailers not fully meeting consumers’ ecommerce fulfillment demands

opportunities for US retailers to close the gap between what shipping options they offer and what consumers are demanding

complexity reduction ::
mastering complexity in the value chain

a recessionary environment is tailor-made for cost reduction, but CEOs want growth …

customer buying patterns ::
are they always right?

customer profitability analysis can determine which of your company’s patrons are most valuable to the business …

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