The First Annual Supply Chain Data and Analytics Survey Results Are In – Where Do You Stand?

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The First Annual Supply Chain Data and Analytics Survey Results Are In – Where Do You Stand?

Have you wondered if other companies have the same level of difficulty and frustration regarding getting real and repeatable value from their supply chain data and analytical efforts?  Well wonder no more.  The results are in from the first global survey answering this question across multiple industries and they are significant.

Using  Competitive Insights’ maturity model that is based on data organization & governance, cross functional utlilization and and the number of actual business analytics being routinely used, the current value being realized across all industries is 33.3% of the full potential value that can be derived from the effective use of supply chain analytics!

These results serve as a baseline for companies to have an unbiased source for measuring where they actually stand as it relates to other companies and industries.  The survey provides findings that will be updated each year.

The results are published in the Q3 2017 issue of CSCMP’s Supply Chain Quarterly.  The responses provide insights and answers to critical questions including:

  1. What is the current satisfaction with the following four attributes of the data you need to do supply chain analytics?
  1. What are the primary forms of technologies usedforyour supply chain analytics?
  1. What types of analytics are your organization taking the most advantage of?
  1. What are the most significant barriers that you have in getting more value?
  1. What benefits have you realized to date from your supply chain analytical investments?

Want to know more?  If you already subscribe to Supply Chain Quarterly, then the answers are on the way.  If not, you can read the article HERE.

Once you review this information, use it to drive your own internal discussions.  Measure your results against other companies.  Learn how you might take actions to obtain the maximum value out of your supply chain analytical investments!  And just as important SIGN UP NOW to participate in next year’s survey!

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Richard Sharpe

Richard Sharpe is CEO of Competitive Insights, LLC (CI), a founding officer of the American Logistics Aid Network(ALAN) and designated by DC Velocityas a Rainmaker in the industry. For the last 25 years, Richard has been passionate about driving business value through the adoption of process and technology innovations. His current focus is to support CI’s mission to enable companies to gain maximum value through specific, precise and actionable insights across the organization for smarter growth. CI delivers Enterprise Profit Insights (EPI) solutions that enable cross-functional users to increase and protect profitability. Prior to his current role, Richard was President of CAPS Logistics, the forerunner of supply chain optimization. Richard is a frequent speaker at national conferences and leading academic institutions. His current focus is to challenge executives to improve their company’s competitive position by turning enterprise wide data from a liability to an asset through the use of applied business analytics.