How are you different from Business Intelligence (BI)?

While BI tools does a great job at reporting and mining on existing data as a self-service visualization tool, CI.RADAaR™ enhances and creates additional value added information to provide visibility and insight to performance metrics never before seen. BI tools house relevant data from data silos into a data warehouse and then use it to answer specific questions being researched by the user. Instead, by combining our methodology and technology, the user is presented with a holistic view of the operation which can then lead to targeted, actionable insights.

Are you consultants?

Competitive Insights uses a proven methodology for providing our customers with valuable insight and an operational advantage. We provide experience-based analytical services for optimizing performance and making fact-based-decisions.

Does your software replace Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems?

CI.RADAaR™ does not replace ERP systems. Instead, CI.RADAaR™ returns additional investment from the ERP systems by using the data collected in ERP systems and other transactional system data to support fact-based decisions tied to key business strategies. This creates operational wins from the operational floor to the boardroom.