Channel Performance

clear visibility into specific and accurate Cost to Serve and profitability details for each operating channel (e.g., E-commerce)

Competitive Insights' solution

integrates the technology, methodology and expertise necessary to examine channel performance details by product categories, based on profitability built on tailored Cost-to-Serve calculation


summarizes granular, historic Cost to Serve and Profit data to manage Channels and product groupings



actionable details

drilldown details across Net Sales and costs from sourcing, transportation, handling, distribution, inventory and/or any other requested financial details

end-to-end supply chain

visibility into detailed Channel performance including reverse logistics

Competitive Insights' analytics

standard elements of all solutions:

based on validated transactional data managed through rigorous data governance with customized rules

monitor performance period-over-period with trending and alerts while tracking ROI from changes in specific strategies

rapid, repeatable and efficient refresh process ensuring consistent data quality