Press Release: National Supply Chain Policy

CSCMP and Competitive Insights Data Provides Foundation
for New National Security Policy

Lombard, Illinois USA (July 19, 2012)--The Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP), in collaboration with Competitive Insights, LLC (CI), announced today that research conducted by both organizations on supply chain risk mitigation was used to shape a new national security policy for supply chains.

United States President Barack Obama has released the National Strategy for Global Supply Chain Security (the Strategy) that calls for a year-long process to "engage government, private sector, and international stakeholders. The purpose of this engagement is to seek specific recommendations to inform and guide our collaborative implementation of the Strategy." The White House document can be viewed at National Strategy for Global Supply Chain Security

CSCMP and CI have provided critical data to national security staff on how the private sector might respond in the event of a catastrophe, the consequences of a breakdown in supply chains, and the resilience measures needed to strengthen supply chains in order to support response efforts.

Rick Blasgen, president and chief executive officer of CSCMP, said, “Any response effort to a catastrophic event in the US would require substantial participation by the private industry.  CSCMP and CI were able to shape this security policy with real world supply chain expertise to ensure that it will be quicker to implement and more effective in the long term. Our organization is dedicated to promoting the use of supply chain best practices in addition to creating opportunities to build working relationships.”

“Competitive Insights has been working on effective ways to identify, mitigate, and measure the risks of significant supply chain disruptions for many years now,” said Richard Sharpe, chief executive officer of CI. “This is a serious topic given the nature of the global supply chains that companies must manage today. We are pleased that our efforts could be put to good use for our national security.”


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Competitive Insights, headquartered in Atlanta, was founded in 1998. The firm provides both supply chain Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and professional analytical services to enterprise customers including some of the nation’s most recognizable brands. CI’s proprietary mix of software and services collects and processes customers’ transactional data from multiple sources to support cross-functional, fact-based decisions that support the reduction of operating costs, maximizing profits, and mitigating operating risks.

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