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on supply chain risk ::
3 ways to manage supply chain risk

companies have been slow to prioritize supply chain risk management and the current known metrics fail to capture the degree of risk present in a company’s supply chain. Read more here

on big data ::
selecting Big Data sources for predictive analytics

the value of any dataset is determined by the quality of information you can extract from it. The key to value in big data is the detail. Read more here

on cloud computing ::
cloud’s next era near, Cisco says

the reorganization of computing into larger, more demand-response cloud-based data centers is part of a shift in business that replaces transaction systems with “systems of interactions” … read more here

on supply chain management ::
the culture change needed for an analytics supply chain

when companies try to use their newfound wealth of data for a specific purpose, they invariably discover some glaring gaps in their information they require. Read more here

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Competitive Insight’s business is built on providing each customer precise and specific information that empower actionable steps which drive immediate value. Using exclusive cloud based service capabilities, CI’s solutions translate customer’s transactional data into advanced business insights regarding current and future operating performance.

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Big Data in the Supply Chain
June 17-18, 2013 – Chicago, IL

The Big Data in the Supply Chain Summit will give you the concrete insight you need on:

  • Evaluating the pitfalls and benefits of a big data solution implementation
  • Molding big data techniques to aid your decision making processes for every supply chain issue
  • Leveraging data as an asset to the supply chain department
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