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on big data ::
shippers show big interest in big data

survey shows logistics managers have high hopes that “big data” will help them fine-tune their distribution operations … read it here

on supply chain risk ::
supply chain and risk management: learning to piggyback to get budget

piggybacking on other initiatives and budgets to build integrated systems … read more here

on cloud computing ::
exclusive research: IT commits to cloud computing

cloud budgets are rising as IT confronts security and ROI challenges … read more here

on integrated business planning ::
framework makes a solid supply chain

a planning framework will help managers organize all major supply chain functions and activities to ensure their efforts bring payback … read more here

  what CI offers

Competitive Insights is a Software as a Service (SaaS) company that provides detailed and insightful solutions that drive business value through:

  • precise information on how your operating strategies are working by segmented product and customer
  • integration and refinement to business processes to drive the generation and protection of profits
  • analyzing and measuring the impact of possible changes to the future operation

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CSCMP Annual Global Conference
October 20-23, 2013 – Denver, Colorado

Supply Chain Risk Mitigation Workshop
Supply chain disruptions are a common occurrence that companies face on a daily basis. This interactive workshop will highlight key sources of supply chain risks and provide mitigation techniques that you can take back to your own company.

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