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on big data ::
five steps to master big data and predictive analytics in 2014

finding the real jewels in Big Data – turning data from massive streams into knowledge, and thereby actionable intelligence in real time as events unfold. Read it here

on supply chain risk ::
factories look for supply-chain risks in all the wrong places

here’s the latest advice for supply-chain managers: Sweat the small stuff. Read more here

on cloud computing ::
big data analytics and the cloud: a perfect match?

big data analytics can create significant value for businesses. The cloud is the perfect platform to economically generate insights from big data … read more here

on integrated business planning ::
big data and the art of winning in business

big data appears to be among the big buzzwords of the moment. But supporters say there’s substance behind the hype. Read more here

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Richard Sharpe, CEO of Competitive Insights (CI), writes about the phenomena of “big data” and how it will drive competitive advantage through IBP activities. The following are subjects of some of his posts:

  • Why is Big Data so important?
  • How can Big Data drive better decisions?
  • Turning Big Data from a liability to an asset
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