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on big data ::
turning big data from a liability to an asset - point 2 taking an enterprise wide approach

meaningful suggestions that allow your company to gain significant competitive advantage from Big Data … more here

on supply chain risk ::
supply chain disruption remains top concern for global insurance firms

supply chain disruption, natural catastrophes, and fires or explosions are the risks that global insurance companies are most concerned about … more here

on cloud computing ::
cloud computing saves organizations money on IT spending

organizations are benefiting from the efficiency, low costs and flexibility that come with cloud use … more here

on integrated business planning ::
S&OP? I have better things to do!

S&OP is a powerful concept with huge potential. Potential, that more often than not, remains untapped. This is a pity and it is unnecessary. More here

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Competitive Insights is a Software as a Service (SaaS) company that provides detailed and insightful IBP analytical solutions:

Descriptive Analytics
Diagnostic Analytics
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March 17-20 :: Atlanta, Georgia
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The Georgia Logistics Summit is proud to be the exclusive knowledge partner for SCT and welcomes back MODEX for its 2nd year in Atlanta. Together these shows host over 20,000 attendees.

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