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on integrated business planning ::
video: big opportunities with big data

Richard Sharpe, CEO of Competitive Insights, explains how companies can gain sustainable competitive advantage through integrated business planning (IBP) … more here

on big data ::
garbage in, garbage out in the age of big data

as we move into the age of big data, it’s important that we understand the limitations and risks of bad information and poor programming … more here

on supply chain risk ::
supply chain mapping combined with risk assessment

75 percent of respondents stated they were hit by at least one major supply chain disruption over the past two years … more here

on cloud computing ::
5 common misconceptions about cloud computing, dispelled

there’s less concern about the origins of cloud services, and more attention to how they can expand the business and deliver competitive advantage … more here

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Competitive Insights highlighted in Innovation Showcase by
Georgia Center of Innovation for Logistics

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Innovative Logistics – The Supply Chain Strategy Enabler
Penn State University: University Park, PA April 24, 2014
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The 24th Annual R. Hadly Waters Supply Chain Symposium, Innovative Logistics – The Supply Chain Strategy Enabler, will share their stories on the impact that innovative execution has on that crucial bottom line. Register for the conference/summit here

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