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on big data ::
designing solutions for business users NOT data scientists

there are a lot of opinions with regard to how insights should be gained or “mined” out of Big Data. Clearly, no one has all of the answers today. More here

on integrated business planning ::
the future is demand segmentation

it is essential that businesses understand that no two customers, channels to market, or products are the same. More here

on supply chain risk ::
new! supply chain risk management standard

ASIS has release a new standard to help organizations address operational risks in their supply chains, including risks to tangible and intangible assets … more here

on cloud computing ::
cloud computing increases business agility, whatever that means

is cloud computing finally a bona fide business strategy, versus an IT optimization strategy? It may well be, a new survey suggests. More here

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Competitive Insights Helps Develop Supply Chain Risk Management Standard
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Richard Sharpe, CEO of Competitive Insights (CI), writes about the phenomena of “big data” and how it will drive competitive advantage through IBP activities. The following are subjects of some of his posts:

  • Why is Big Data so important?
  • How can Big Data drive better decisions?
  • Turning Big Data from a liability to an asset
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