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are your omni-channel /
e-commerce sales really profitable? part 4

the focus of this posting is on the impact of product returns

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performance visibility ::
big data presents opportunities for the supply chain, but are organizations taking advantage of it?

big data analytics has a number of applications within the supply chain. Yet there is still some lag in adoption of solutions

multi-channel fulfillment ::
today’s top supply chain and logistics news from WSJ

growing retail industry drive to slash stocks at stores and in warehouses as companies try to boost sales, improve margins and respond to changes in the marketplace

complexity reduction ::
big data latest rage supply chain management

a supply chain is rich with data and has a large cost component, making advanced analytics a strategic weapon

customer buying patterns ::
discounting still the name of the game for e-commerce

this is contrary to what they have been telling investors who have been pressurizing them to turn profitable

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